• South terrace

  • South terrace

  • Garage

  • Carob tree terrace

  • Front door

  • Central terrace

  • Front of the house

  • terrace masterbedroom

House and terraces

Of course most of the time you’ll live outside and Onatopp has a range of terraces for every moment of the day. The masterbedroom-terrace has sun in the morning for a intimate breakfast and shade after 12 o’clock so you can work or play privately.

The central terrace is sunny almost all day but there are enough parasols to protect you against the hot sun. This terrace is connected to the conservatory and has a large dining table, several lounge seats and a perfect barbecue set.

The south-west terrace is nice in the afternoon sun. A perfect lounge set makes it the perfect location for a after dinner coffee to enjoy the sunset.

Under the carobe tree there is another peaceful place to read or meditate.

Onatopp is a sustainable house. Heating and electricity are mainly provided by the sun. For heating there is also a stove which runs on bio fuel (almond shells). Water is pumped from a 120 meter deep well and reused in the garden.